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Netflix Releases First Death Note Trailer

Fans rejoice, as the first teaser from Netflix on the Death Note American Remake Film has been uploaded today! In case you didn’t know, Death Note centers around Light Yagami and L as they fight for their views on what’s their version of justice in the world. The new Death Note features western actors starring:

  • Nat Wolff – Light Yagami
  • Margaret Qualley – Misa Amane
  • Keith Stanfield – L
  • Willem Dafoe – Ryuk
  • Paul Nakauchi – Watari
  • Shea Whigham – Souichiro Yagami

Netflix picked up Death Note after Warner Brothers dropped production in 2016. Death Note is directed by Jeremy Slater known for Fantastic Four, The Exorcist, The Lazarus Project.

Hopefully like Netflix’s Marvel series, Death Note would be a success. unlike common tropes that live action anime adaptations, especially western ones are pretty awful. Death Note will soon be on Netflix this August 25 2017.

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