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Ghost in the Shell (2017) Quick Review (Spoiler Free)

So Ghost in the Shell’s Western live action movie just came out. And here’s a (spoiler free) quick review on it.

How does the movie feel while I was watching it?

When I’m criticizing Film Game/Anime Movie Adaptions, I always say that there’s no target audience, and Ghost in the shell proved me wrong with this.

Key scenes are present on the live action, the movie portrayed those scenes literally frame by frame with it’s Anime counterpart.

If you’re a big fan of Ghost in the Shell, you’ll feel nostalgic and awed as you watch scenes from the original Ghost in the Shell be made by high budget, eye candy, Hollywood magic feels, and although westernized; actors portray their characters properly.


The downside though, is it’s portrayal of the original movie as a whole. Major emotional elements are missing, if you don’t have a clue what Ghost in the Shell is, you won’t really have emotional attachments to the characters as they’ve skipped the whole talking part in the Anime and made it a pure Hollywood action flick.

Are the actors good?

Scarlett Johansson did an ok job for The Major. Her acting is great and she makes an effort to be as cyborg-like as possible. Her script though, does not resemble The Majors confidence. The Major feels like a lost child finding her importance in the world. Questioning her purpose desperately throughout the film.

Beat Takeshi did a great job as Aramaki. His portrayal of Section 9’s Chief is badass. Though I don’t know if it’s intended but, during the start of the film he looked like a lost senile Japanese man talking to The Major on the comms.

Pilou Asbæk did a superb job as Batou. No need to explain just watch the movie.

Other members of Section 9 did great but, the film made them minor characters.

What about cinematography and music?

The cinematography was on par with the original aesthetics of the original Ghost in the Shell. Just like I said, some scenes are literally frame by frame with the Anime (some minor elements are slightly different from the original).


How about the music? They used the original soundtrack from the original Ghost in the Shell only at the credits. The original soundtracks we’re not memorable.

Should you watch it?

It depends on people who are:

Fan of the original Ghost in the Shell: (Yes)


  • Frame by frame representation of key scenes from the original movie.
  • New take on the visuals from the Ghost in the Shell universe.
  • Actors did well playing their roles.


  • All the Ghost in the Shell Anime are crammed into one movie.
  • Emotional/Character build up scenes are rushed or non-existent.
  • You need to realize that this is a Hollywood action flick, meaning it’s more focused on action rather than character building.

Don’t know the original Ghost in the Shell: (You can skip it)


  • Loads of action
  • Eye candy visuals


  • It has no build up (soulless, no point, just a normal action flick)
  • It really has no build up. They sacrificed content for more action.
  • I noticed that people (who clearly haven’t seen the Anime) coming out of the theater, were unimpressed.


  • The film’s more targeted to viewers who already know Ghost in the Shell.
  • A lot of important backstory content from the original Ghost in the Shell were sacrificed for more action.
  • Characters are properly portrayed by their actors
  • It’s not Dragonball Evolution

Rating: 6.5/10

+ Visuals
+ For trying to stick with the original Ghost in the Shell key scenes

– Soundtrack
– Script
– No character building
– Waste of ending just to address white-washing

You can get the original Ghost in the Shell using the link below

Ghost in the Shell (English Subtitles) [Priced-down Reissue]

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