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Kana Hanazawa Tops Seiyuu Poll

In a recent poll conducted by Charapedia, Kana Hanazawa tops as the most popular Female Anime Voice Actress in Japan!


If you don’t know who Kana Hanazawa is, she’s a voice actress, a singer, and she has been winning the polls since 2014. She is best known for characters such as: Kanade (Angel Beats), Ruri (Oreimo), Anri (Durarara!!), and many more.

Here is a video showcasing all her top roles.

And some of her singing.

Her cute voice makes her Anime Characters stand out in most of their Anime.

You can buy her Songs and Anime using the link below

Kana Hanazawa Complete Listings

If you want to know more about Kana Hanazawa click here.


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