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Yummy Treats: Japanese Snacks and Desserts #2

Here’s this week’s Japanese Snacks and Desserts #2!


These are Anko’s squeezed by Castella Pancakes. Anko is made of sugar or honey and a paste of mashed Azuki Beans. Other ingredients like whipped cream or ice cream are also inside this sweet yummy sandwich.

How to make Dorayaki

Best places to get Dorayaki in Tokyo are: Usgiya (うさぎや) at Ueno, Kameju (亀十) at Asakusa, Seijuken (清寿軒) at Ningyocho.


Dango is a Japanese rice dumpling served on a stick. There are many ways to eat a Dango some of them are:

  • Roasting them in a fire like marshmallows
  • Cover them with sticky sugar (Mitarashi Dango)
  • Adding other toppings like ice cream
  • Adding Soy Flour
  • With Tea or Red Beans



There’s a lot of types of Dango and you can almost buy them anywhere on Japan. So if you would want Dango’s just ask from the restaurant if they have one.

Coffee Jelly

I’m almost sure every Japanese Restaurant near you has one or another similar variant, heck even Starbucks has a frappe of it. It’s made of black coffee and gelatin added with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream.

How to make Coffee Jelly


A fine Japanese Dessert. It doesn’t contain any fresh ingredients so it’s well known for having a long shelf life and often used for tea ceremonies. It’s made with Japanese Sugar or Soybean flour. It comes with many variants of designs meaning they’re made to be aesthetically pleasing while you eat them.

I usually see them being sold on the underground commercial levels of office buildings in the business district of Tokyo.


Sweet Japanese dough buns made from pounded rice flour and sweet fillings or Anko. They originated from China and often like their Chinese counterpart filled with pork which would change them into a meal or Nikuman, rather than a dessert.

Want to suggest Japanese desserts for the next week’s post? Leave a comment below.


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