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The Different Shapes Of A Silent Voice

Koe no Katachi recently released their DVD/Blue-Ray and had International Movie Premieres, generating tons of reviews. Having read some of them, the community tends to hate certain characters.

Not that because they are terrible or badly written character far from it actually, but from a viewer’s personal standpoint. The annoyance of why a certain character displayed that kind of attitude, moral, or personality has some kind of reasons. And managing to mirror real life situations from fantasy made Koe no Katachi a masterpiece.

And then there’s the normal big fan love for the main characters, specially the heroine.

Here’s a collection of characters from Koe No Katachi.



Tomohiro Nagatsuka


The main protagonist’s best friend. He’s the typical short, fat, but chummy friend. He met Ishida when someone was harassing him and trying to take his bike, but Ishida was there to give his instead.
Being the first character Ishida open up to in High School he is the first person who helped Ishida break his barrier from ignoring people.

He is one of the guy you wish you know in real life. Overall, Owning the voice of a genuine friend through thick and thin, he stayed a true friend to Ishida. Even though Ishida already rejected him.


Miki Kawai


She was the school representative at Ishida’s elementary school. A narcissistic person that wants to prioritize her reputation,When she gets in trouble she always plays the victim; the typical stuck-up bitch.

Every fan hates her and for a good reason, she started Ishida’s despair being isolated while growing up. After meeting her again in high school, we all saw that her attitude has not changed at all. She still had the same damsel in distress attitude, resulting in Ishida, branded a bully again in high school and because of her, which made everything fall apart.

In the end after Ishida saved Nishimiya from making suicide, she showed empathy. In the manga, she was bullied being a goody two-shoes to Ishida after the suicide incident, started her catalyst becoming empathetic to others. While in the movie I think it was just because Ishida saving Nishimiya made her change her attitude towards Ishida.

Although annoying, she’s one of the characters that changed for good in the end. Showing how some people can also change, like her.

Miyoko Sahara


The only friend of Nishimiya during their elementary days. She was making an effort wanting to learn sign language for Nishimiya but the whole class didn’t appreciate taking in extra lessons. Because of that she was then bullied which lead to her taking classes else where.

After meeting up with Nishimiya in high school they soon became friends again. She knew then, that she ran away on her friend and started feeling sorry for Nishimiya. After Nishimiya attempted suicide she then garnered the courage to protect her friend after Ueno had taken a hard toll seeing Ishida hospitalized, which had escalated Ueno’s negative attitude towards Nishimiya and blames her for everything that has gone wrong ever since elementary.

Naoka Ueno

UenoShe was the one who Ishida was closest to during their elementary. After first meeting Nishimiya when she transfered in their school. That’s when Ishida started to bully. Ueno, having a crush on Ishida, started also in bullying Nishimiya  . All that fell apart when Nishimiya’s mother noticed she was being bullied, leading to Kawai telling everyone that Ishida’s the culprit, having him isolated throughout the film. Which then she blames Nishimiya for everything afterwards.

After seeing her again in high school, nothing much has changed in Ueno’s treatment for Nishimiya. Ueno still accuses her for everything that destroyed their group. Upon meeting again with Ishida they then again became friends. Though after knowing how much she can’t move on from the past, it led Ishida disgusted, blocking her out again leading the X back on her face.

At the end of the film after Nishimiya’s attempted suicide, Ueno became more resentful towards Nishimiya blaming her once more. In the end even though Nishimiya seeks to reconcile with everyone because of what she had done, Ueno did not forgive her. Although later on became friends with Sahara joining in on her job as a model. Best girl.

Shouko Nishimiya


The main heroine of the film. Born deaf which led to, Ishida bullying her throughout elementary. But because of her positive attitude, she never resented Ishida on his bullying. Even after meeting in high school she quickly forgave what Ishida did to her back then.

Having a pure heart helped her integrity being protected from the insults she gained throughout her daily life; although in the end it failed her. When she was about to kick the bucket, Ishida came at the right time to save her in extent for him being the one who fell off the railing while saving her. Reconciling with everyone (except for Ueno), she then had her strength back making her relationship with Ishida permanently thankful and stronger than ever #ship.

Shouya Ishida


Yasho or Ishida is the main protagonist of the film. He bullied Nishimiya throughout elementary and because of that, learned the hard way how hard life would be experiencing growing up being ignored or bullied by people, leading to having an X on people’s faces.

After attempting suicide and failing to do so (because of successfully apologizing to Nishimiya). He began to spend his time with her trying to amend for all the wrong stuff he did back then. He specifically learned sign language in order to apologize. And because of the positive attitude of Nishimiya, she quickly forgave him.

With her, they became close. It eventually lead Nishimiya professing love to him; which got shot down because of Ishida thinking that Nishimiya likes the moon (Tsuki ).When Nishimiya’s integrity finally gave, it was his time saving her. Which leads him to a coma, Ueno having no more of Nishimiya barred her from entering his ward. After recovering from coma he got back on his feet and the first thing he does is go to Nishimiya.

Because of Nishimiya he gained the ability to gain trust again. Eventually removing all the X from the faces of people at the end of the movie.

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