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Creators Spotlight: Mangaka Central

Welcome to our new feature post the “Creators Spotlight”, which highlights great content from the otaku community.


Today’s highlights are from the creations of Mangaka Central which was founded by NewComerEden. Mangaka Central is a haven for aspiring artists, mangakas, or novel writers. A common term for this kind of group are circles. Circles are mostly comprised of people whom roles are artists and authors, they sustain a mutualistic interaction wherein an artist draws art illustration for the author while the author creates a storyline for supporting the art, which completes the recipe for producing enjoyable content for their fans. Here are some works from their club:

S0rahana “There’s Shiho Hajime’s Days”



NewComerEden “pro- polluter”





I have asked a couple of quick questions from the club’s founder:



So if you’re interested in creating drawn art or writing your own fiction! Head right up to the people of Mangaka Central!

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