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The Amazing World of Fan Fiction

Recently, I’ve been engrossed on exploring anime communities. And on that exploration, I have stumbled upon Fan Fiction. An author whose name is The_Biologist – started my world on appreciating fan fiction.

I’ve been reading a lot of books since childhood, though never really gave a chance on reading up on amateur authors. But in this particular case, decided it’s time since it’s fun knowing new stuff.

The fan fiction’s name is Twisted Death, it was inspired by the anime Gungrave. The anime of Gungrave was very underrated, primarily because it wasn’t the time yet for the mainstream internet. I’ve played the franchise’s game on PlayStation, but the only thing I remembered was spamming Cerberus (the main character’s gun) shooting a lot of people and monsters.

Gungrave – first aired on October 7, 2003 – currently stands as ranked #586 on MAL. It was made by MADHOUSE Inc., adopted from its own game – which is a 3rd person shooter developed by Red Entertainment.

Having that particular handicap, Twisted Death didn’t falter out giving readers the feel of who the characters were. The author did a great job relaying the scenes not leaving out even the slightest of each detail. Although It isn’t the best of the best kind of quality compared to established authors out there, it is acceptable, even to the point where it’s so close to being on par with those authors.

It’s intended audience are towards 16+ audience – featuring dark themes like violence, child trafficking, and extortion.

A sample of the first chapter’s illustration.

The Synopsis of Twisted Death:

Dr. William Rutherford worked as Brandon “Beyond the Grave” Heat’s caretaker after Dr. Tokioka’s death. It was a job that made William a respectable person in Millennion organization.

One year later, William’s brother Dr. Bernard Rutherford died in a car crash. People said that they saw a necrolyzed dog before the crash, but Brandon believed it was more than that. With more members of Rutherford family dying, Brandon thought another organization was involved.

For his caretaker’s sake and Millennion’s safety, Brandon decided to investigate the case.

[From The_Biologist]

You can read Twisted Death on:

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