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Yummy Treats: Japanese Snacks and Desserts #3

It’s back, the series is finally back! About two months ago I made a series called “Yummy Treats” featuring all the Japanese goodies your taste buds could have ever hoped for. If you ever want to visit the past posts again go here (Japanese Snacks and Desserts #1 and #2).



Are Japanese rice crackers, they’re in all shapes and sizes although they’re usually round. They taste great – sometimes savory but often sweet. A good match for green tea.

Courtesy of: Japanese Food Ninja

There are many flavors for Senbei, the most common ones are soy sauce, seaweed, squid, shrimp, and sugar. Lastly, the tastiest kind of Senbei is those off the grill.



The most common Japanese snack which can be bought anywhere. It is produced by Ezaki Glico – a Japanese food company in Nishidogawa-Ku, Osaka.




This is easily the most favorite Japanese snack of them all! The common flavors are strawberry, chocolate, and almonds. Some unusual flavors include honey, kiwi, melon, and even tangerine.

Honey Toast


The Japanese Honey Toast is a thick piece of caramelized bread together, topped with ice cream, fruits, butter, or any other common stuff found on desserts! It’s often to see this dessert when there’s an occasion, like birthdays!

Courtesy of: Eugenie Kitchen



Made from small cubes of agar jelly, it is served in a bowl, usually with sweet azuki paste and various kinds of fruits.

Courtesy of: Just One Cookbook

There are even some variations for Anmitsu, some without bean paste like Mitsumame.



Literally translated as “a delicious stick” that’s what she said, is a small, puffy, cylindrical corn snack from Japan. Produced by Riska and sold by Yaokin and is typically sold for 10yen.


There are many flavors such as salad, takoyaki, cheese, candy, and much more!

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