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Manga Recommendation: Hare-Kon.

Striving to be a harem king? See a universe where harem is legal. A combination of comedy and seinen for those serious bunch.


Koharu, tired of all the men in her life being lying, married philanderers, decides to move back home, away from the city. Once there she finds her family saddled with a huge debt and no way out, until a handsome but creepy stranger offers to pay the debt, at the same time asking her to marry him. But, as if things weren’t crazy enough, he already has two wives!

(Source: Japanzai)

Status: Ongoing
Published: June 2014
Genres: Comedy, Ecchi, Romance, Harem, Seinen
Author: NoN

The glory of Hare Kon is showing the readers what a woman’s point of view is in a polygamous relationship.

It is an intriguing manga for the harem genre since it was made by a female mangaka. It goes against all the genericness of all the harem type anime/manga, although the fan service is still there, the series shows how hard it is to actually have a polygamous harem relationship for a woman.



A downside of Hare-Kon. are some dragging storylines. Where some actions somewhat show hypocritical inconsistencies to a certain character’s action, in which it goes against their personality. Although maybe, it just shows in reality how a female given with enough love will succumb to any male’s charms – a woman’s frailty.


Even though it’s a seinen, the art style resembles the art style of a shoujo type of manga. Overall the scenes are completely detailed and the characters are beautifully drawn, but it falls short story wise.

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