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Ever Wanted to Find Your Own Ideal Waifu?

Each day we dream of finding our own ideal girl whether it’s 2D or 3D. There is nothing much to do about finding your ideal 3D girl but to go out there and search for your ideal woman. But for the 2D side, fret no more there’s an app for that.


Totally not my type or anything


No need to swipe left or right for this one. Just go to put in the specs you’ll want for the facial features of your own moe girlfriend, maid, or just tomodachis and watch the system generate your very own waifu.

For now, only facial features are supported and there’s no body yet, but maybe the creator will make improvements in the future.


The website’s created by @namaniku0 and their team as an assistive tool for making concept anime characters for those who have no artistic talent but have solid ideas making waifus.


Other than that there’s originally this chatbot A.I. If you have not heard of Motoko from Batou Shoujo then all I can say is it’s a really short manga(?) for masochists err…. sort of literally a single page per chapter.

Maybe you could finally complete your own visual novel game ideas or maybe successfully create an anime by using this tool. This is a great step forward in the easier character development for aspiring anime content creators.


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