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Anime review: Why ‘Beatless’ had so much potential

Beatless Title

I’m gonna get straight with you chief… this one is definitely Beatless.

Beatless is a sci-fi action drama anime made by Diomedèa studios which premiered in Winter 2018.

With the introduction of an ultra-advanced AI that surpasses human intelligence, beings that mankind is yet to fully comprehend made from materials far too advanced for human technology begin coming into being. Lacia, an hIE equipped with a black coffin-shaped device, is one of these. In boy-meets-girl fashion, 17-year-old Arato Endo has a fateful encounter with the artificial Lacia. For what purpose were these artificial beings created? Amid questions regarding the coexistence of these artificial beings and humans, a 17-year-old boy makes a decision…

(Source: Tokyo Otaku Mode)

Beatless had so much potential, its promising modern story of how future AI’s develop human-like qualities and how they affect the quality of life humanity has over the years.

Tell us the good news first

The quality in terms of soundtrack, art, and animation was superb. Its soundtrack can be iconic in terms of sci-fi vibes. We all know the production quality of Diomedèa can make any waifu shine!


Lacia poses for an hIE Modelling Grand Prix public photoshoot.


Now comes the problem

Beatless made its plot go all over the place, can you imagine the 2nd episode being a filler episode already? But wait there’s more! In just 5 episodes they’re already using recap episodes.

You can feel the rush in the plot and character development. One example is: when Arato first met Kouka, he was afraid and annoyingly stubborn. In the next episode, he met her again now with Snowdrop – amazingly, all the stubbornness was gone and he was ready to die for humanities sake, with nothing to back it up except for the fact that his friend was in danger.


Arato and Lacia fights Kouka.


The situation changes and Arato said that his friend was not relevant anymore – as expected, the next scene completely ignores that and moves on to the part when helps his friend.

Lastly, Beatless’s romanticization of its plot’s ideas, combined with lazy writing delivered the final blow on itself.

Is this some kind of experimental plot?

I can’t express to you how difficult it is to get a feel for the plot. You can get a feeling that you’re watching a romantic comedy because of how Lacia and Arato interact with each other, but the atmosphere and the background seem to depict a heavy and serious tone, all while the romcom vibes are happening – the lack of hype does not help either.


Arato being embarassed for bringing home Lacia.


It really feels bland, at best I think that Beatless‘s story is great in a novel but not in an anime. It just doesn’t have heroines that have exceptional redeeming qualities and the usual tropes that builds up a great anime.

I’m a big fan of Diomedèa Studios

With all that said and done, this one will definitely disappoint you. However, they still made a lot of fun shows, so please check them out if you haven’t watched them yet. 😀


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