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Anime Athena Updates: March 6, 2018

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Here are the updates for this month:

2018 Anime Charts

As of now, there’s only the Spring 2018 Anime chart. I was planning to add each of the anime’s details and all with a review of that anime. But as it turns out, that’s a hell of a job, since each season usually contains about 40-60 titles excluding movies and such.

I have said a long time ago that I’m planning to reach out to other bloggers linking their content if they’ve put up a review of that anime. But I don’t know how the etiquette is in linking to others website. But I think that’s a better way of appreciating other anibloggers content rather than putting a blogroll which I think readers seldomly look at.

A Visual Novel

Wow, I have all the time in the world, not really. I believe that just like Elon Musk, instead of working 8 hours a day, why not do 12. One of my hobbies aside from writing is creating video games. Although I can hardly count it as a hobby anymore since I’m currently working for a game company – this project is mine though – so I guess it’s a hobby project?

So plugging this in… I’m inviting you to submit a story you would like to be a game someday. If I like it, I’ll make a visual novel game out of it, and if I don’t – better lock your doors… just kidding. I’ll still send you a reply and tell you what parts I think are lacking. You can submit it through

Future of Anime Athena

For now, this is really just a minor hobby of mine. At the start, I was thinking of creating a site for aspiring writers. In which I’ll managing their content and all the technical aspects of maintaining a website for them – FOR FREE! So they could focus on their content, me handling all the dirty work, and maybe share some site revenue once this site can sustain on its own. But as it turns out, it’s really hard to find a writer who’d like to write for this website without thinking there’s a catch or anything.

Because of that, I started writing for the website. To be honest I’m at the ‘level 1 weab’ type of otaku – and I don’t watch anime all day nor read manga 24/7 – but I really think it’s enjoyable!

Btw, if you’re interested in writing in Anime Athena here is the link.

With all that said, thank you for supporting Anime Athena!



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