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Anime ‘Darling in the FranXX’ Is Finally Getting There and Fans Are Getting Insane!

Zero Two Vs Ichigo

Darling in the Franxx is finally the right formula for Studio Trigger. The combination of its action and drama does not fall short compared to its predecessors, but it still fell short in some aspects.

The Right Formula

Since its announcement, I’ve always told everyone that Darling in the Franxx will be a spectacular one, even at its early stages where it was so vague, fans believed that the hype was real. And you were right, it became one of the best anime in its season.

If we compare it with the previous works of Trigger, Kill la Kill falls short in drama since its focus is on action and I think everyone agrees that Kill la Kill has better action.


Jampack action!


In pure drama though, comparing Darling in the Franxx to Kiznaiver is by far a long shot. The character in Darling in the Franxx has so much character development and substance.

And if you’re saying but what about Evangel… I won’t compare anything to Gainax films since that’s technically another studio.

It really falls short as a mecha anime though. Where’s has the mech aspect of the anime gone to? We really hope that in the future episodes we’ll get the feeling that we’re watching a mecha genre.

The Current Fan Drama

Yes I know, protecting your waifu is your life’s calling. But, judging from the current state of the anime, it’s still too early to say who’s wrong who’s not.

goboiano – ‘Darling in the FranXX’ Producer Receives Death Threats for Ep. 14

ANN – Anime Producer Yuichi Fukushima Endures Harassment over Darling in the Frankxx Episode




Things have certainly gone overboard, but then again this is the internet and hopefully, the producers will think of it as a joke, which is more likely – I hope.

Ichigo Did Nothing Wrong

I know what you’re thinking, hypocrisy is real no? Well,  I really don’t blame any of the two. Ichigo’s just trying to protect Hiro and just like Zero Two, she doesn’t care who she hurts – Hiro is also her everything.


Finally some courage


Now’s her time to make up to Hiro since she had the courage and opportunity to step up, protect him, and show how much she cared and love Hiro.

Poor Poor Zero Two

Who would’ve guessed that the great 9 Iota had a traumatizing past? And after being saved by Hiro in her childhood, she eventually found out that he was indeed her one and only darling.


You seem to… look hotter


She made a mistake of using people In order to be together again with her true love – which sadly was, already the partner she was using and also the one who she said she was only using as a fodder.

Two childhood friends?

Well, this defies logic. We all know that a common anime trope was the childhood friend always gets the short end of the stick, but what if there are two? Will the true winner be Kokoro after all?

How can Zero Two bring her darling back? Will Ichigo finally get the chance that she deserves? Hopefully, we’ll get a great development for the hype that this anime entailed.

The Real Casualty

Let’s not forget who really died in the previous episode.




R.I.P fallen comrade

And as always, I want to know what your insights are. Who do you think deserves the love of Hiro? How will Goro react in the next episode? Does any of the death flags from the previous episodes mean something?

Don’t exactly know what Darling in the FranXX is? See our initial review right here


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6 thoughts on “Anime ‘Darling in the FranXX’ Is Finally Getting There and Fans Are Getting Insane! Leave a comment

  1. Darling in the FRANXX has been showcasing a great balance between action and drama. Quite hilarious to see the community going out of their way to actually harass anime staff for development within the show.

    RIP Goro. Press “F” to pay respects.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Part of me wonders if the story will focus on Goro’s reaction to the events at the end of the last episode. Of all the character drama, that’s actually the part I’m interested in given he has been the only honest one from the beginning.

    Liked by 1 person

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