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Hiroko Konishi Exposes VA Industry Abuses


Japanese are known for working hard and also unparalleled at being professionals on their work. But because of those values, various industries exploit their workers and the usual play is the employee, does not report or at least talk about their employer’s abuse.

Hiroko Konishi, a brave voice actress, acted upon this and decided to share to social media her producer’s misdeeds. She was forced to do heinous tasks as her producer coerced her career if she chose not to do it. According to reports, Hiroko was tricked by her manager into giving a “service” inside a mixed bath for Daichi Akitaro, an anime director. (Daichi Akitaro used Hiroko’s manager to invite her)

Hiroko Konishi

Another incident was the agency’s misuse of her voice. The conflict was a breach of contract which stated she was to act on a new anime, but suddenly without her consent, it was instead used on toys, all without royalties.

Because of her bravery, all her latest works have disappeared from Wikipedia this backs up to what her producer said which was the sabotage on her career.

Sexual harassment and abuse of power have always plagued the Japanese entertainment industry. I hope that someday the Japanese government will realize this and do their best in protecting the welfare of these people.


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