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Why Is ‘Darling in the Franxx’ Reusing the Gurren Lagann Formula?


Episode 20 and above spoilers ahead.

DarliFra started strong as a mecha anime last season, but it’s falling short lately because of the genre change. Everything now on the show is slow-paced, and it lost its charm as the vibes we feel now is that it’s a drama show.

Give it a chance


APE demands your views


Well, if you manage to follow on with the series, I suggest that you still do. Don’t abandon the series as it still holds potential, plus it’s beginning to get good again now. If you did quit the series but read this article, then I’d say catch up with the remaining episodes until to the point of Ep 21, if that doesn’t still fancy you then, by all means, drop it.

The Gainax Formula

During the recent episodes, from ep 20 onwards, we discovered that the real enemy is VIRM. The new enemy is an alien hive mind sapiens that invaded Earth some time ago. They were successfully driven out by the Klaxo sapiens so now they returned to win the war that they waged a long time ago. There are currently three known members of this organization, and they’re Papa, Vice Chairman, and Tarsier from APE.




Now, where have I watched this before? Oh, that’s right Gurenn Lagann. It’s weird that they did this with 4 episodes left, does this mean we’ll get a second season? Or does it suggest that this will be the downfall of Darling in the Franxx?

But really, we already all saw this coming right? Gainax employees reusing it’s proven and tested formula.

The 9’s Are Going Crazy


Kinda felt bad for the lad, even if he’s a smug asshole.


9’s squad are going ballistic since Papa turned out to be the enemy, which of course means he abandoned the children. 9’s squad members still think that their sole purpose is following Papa and that lead to a squad member’s death. This turned 9 Alpha and the rest of his team into a confused state, attacking Klaxosaurs and VIRM soldiers. It is yet unclear to what will happen to their allegiance as the episode ended with him and his squad still staring blankly inside their Franxx.

Imagine your parent who you loved your whole life abandoned you at the last moment. Let’s not forget that they are still children – well teens I guess.

Zero Two is Dead (?)


At least she was smiling when she died.


Oh, and did I tell you Zero Two seem to have died. The last frame of episode 21 points to Zero Two’s corpse as her lifeless eyes flashes before our screen.


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  1. Gurren Lagaan did it significantly better and I kind of cared about the characters there so by the time we found the ‘true’ enemy I genuinely wanted them to win. These kids, I’m kind of indifferent to what happens to them next at this point and the aliens just seem to far removed from any of the plot that was developed prior. I guess we’ll find out what is going on with Zero Two next week though. It would be kind of weird if she actually was dead though.

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