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Anime Review: Is ‘Island’ A Praise Worthy Adaptation?



Some anime are finally starting this season, one of those is the visual novel adaptation, Island. The series started with the initial set up of mystery, which is typically the main plot for any “mysterious island” genre. I haven’t played nor even know the visual novel game of ‘Island’ so I do apologize in advance if I look so surprised for any obvious plot that already happened in the source material.

The original visual novel game had 3 branches, one for each of the heroine. Episode 1 starts with the introduction of these heroines including the MC.

Why do accidents always happen in anime?

Our MC is washed ashore on the Island of Urashima, butt naked. For some reason though, an “accident” immediately happens to our MC – I guess this is where the moe starts lol.

Don’t get turned off though, it’s not that kind of anime where the focus is on ecchi and pure brain numbing moe… well not yet, I don’t know. I am yet to play the VN. If you’ve already played the game though, good for you. NO SPOILERS.

One of the heroines, Karen, brings our naked MC to the police station. Who wouldn’t? A policeman started talking to the MC and ready him to be deported from the island.

The policeman tells some strange things at this point.

Our MC was about to get deported when suddenly, an operator radios the resident policeman stating Karen was missing. The MC made use of the situation and proceeded to get away from the police and stay on the island.

I’m pretty sure you’re all wondering why I keep calling the man MC. Well, he’s the anime’s main character. His name was not yet disclosed at this point of the episode.

MC found Karen on some yacht’s cabinet and had a flashback kissing her, this made him totally try to kiss her after. Karen’s father came, and they argued, Karen flees the premises which left our MC “off the hook” from being deported and being accused of molestation.

I’m pretty sure if you found a cute anime girl inside a closet you’ll kiss her too.

If silver-haired 2D anime girls are your thing, then you’ll be in for a treat. Our MC was passing his time on some shore when a strange girl starts singing like there’s some kind of Concierto hiding in the background.

Moe Character #2

For some reason, our MC remembers his name. He also knew that the girl’s name was Rinne. Our second heroine tells Setsuna his name but in a questioning tone. Are they espers? Maybe this is one of that kind of VN adaptations where the MC remembers his past actions.

The singing on this scene was spectacular, but it does give me a whole lot of moe vibes. A little bit more and I would have brought out my colorful light sticks.

Setsuna becomes the housemaid of Rinne.

Why would you hire and cover for a random stranger on a beach to be your live-in housemaid? Who knows? Well, Rinne covers for Setsuna claiming he’s the new maid for her household, saying he slipped and went stupid then had amnesia after hitting his head.

Setsuna tells Rinne that he may be a time traveler. Rinne doesn’t dismiss the theory as she also tells Setsuna that 5 years ago her situation was the same. Rinne then introduces Setsuna to her mom through a closed door. Rinne’s mom is vague now as her only scene on the episode was this.

Maybe it’s Rinne but from another timeline?

Setsuna experienced some strange flashbacks while sleeping, this adds more mystery to the plot.

Next morning, Setsuna, can I just call him MC? Our MC meets the third heroine, Sara. Yes, I too question why the girls have western names.

Here’s our clumsy heroine

If we’re to follow the source material, then this here’s the final heroine. Sara brings our MC to her library where she tried to kill him, she said it was to protect the island. Setsuna begins to have a flashback to a place where there is fire and Sara having a big plot (Oppais). The assassination results in a failed attempt, which brings up a flag where Sara questioned our MC “why is he so nice?” I’m sure a lot of you are already fed up with those common lines, but it’s a trope, let’s endure it for the moe.


The series ends with both Rinne and Setsuna crying for a reason they don’t know. Oh, and also another spectacular moe singing performance by one of our heroine.

Main girl? Yes? YES!

Overall, this anime will pique your interest. And If you’re into moe, then this one’s in the bag. If it isn’t, I suggest watching more episodes until you get tired of it.

The art style is the peak of anime as it passes the moe style. Quality wise, I’m a little bit dumbstruck by the anatomical proportions, maybe they had a short time frame to fix it? Music is OK! And at this point, the plot is excellent.

P.S. I just realized all the characters in the pictures have closed eyes, sorry >_<

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  1. This is hardly a review. It doesn’t even answer the title question.

    What this is however, is a summary of the first episode. You should just call it an episode recap to avoid misleading people.


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