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Anime Review: ‘Grand Blue’ Is a Comedy; Not a Mobile RPG Game


Every time I ask someone if they watch Grand Blue, I always get the “Isn’t that the mobile game?” No! This is not the mobile game ‘Granblue Fantasy’ this one, which is ‘Grand Blue’ is a comedy anime.

I’ve read the manga in advance before the series started this season so I’ll compare some of the source material from the adaptation.

Naked men chase scenes… check!

Grand Blue is a comedy show

Let me repeat the headline, it’s not a mobile game, it’s a comedy anime. Ok so let’s get started. Firstly, Grand Blue is a comedy show about the life of Iori, a college freshman who’s about to enter college. His dream was to create a fun college life full of women as he graduated from an all-boys high school. But as things turn out, his dream college life will not be possible because he was forcefully entered into a club full of men.

Focused on a light-hearted comedy

The series focuses on light-hearted comedy. Light-hearted meaning, no black humor, no socially depraving insults, and all events are somewhat relatable to. None of that farfetched comedy where it uses absurd methods like forcefully making you choose an option to make you laugh, ok I like that anime if you got that reference, but no, this one sticks to reality, it sticks to events that can happen in our daily lives.

Cute girls… check!


Grand Blue is relatable. If you’ve never been to college yet, I’m sure it will be hard to get what I’d be talking about but, Some parts of my college involve binge drinking with a lot of friends, some drinking games that we did are purely hilarious. This one time we mixed everything that we wanted to into a bowl and everyone gets to drink it – which in the end, turned everyone puking or sick, but it was worth it. I won’t recommend it though, just like Iori, I somewhat got dragged into it. It’s a good thing that the people I had were nice.

Drinking… check!

Compared to other comedy anime, this one seems mature in the storyline. Aside from people binge drinking 96% alcohol, which is suicidal and downright dangerous, everything in the anime including club activities are very down to earth, I guess you can call it a slice-of-life.

Puking… check!

Some downsides

A Bit of a problem, compared to the manga, the anime lacks the quality of the laughs and the timing of the puns – timing is key to comedy. Although maybe it was because the source material and the anime are almost similar, it’s like telling the same joke twice, it will still be funny but you’ve already heard it.

It could also be because it’s an animated series. It will limit the way you interpret the scene. It’s nice and all, Grand Blue became animated, but like a book, it restricts the way you use your imagination.

You’ll learn how to love diving

Lastly, You’ll discover how to enjoy diving; how to love the sea! The manga takes a break every now and then to make its readers appreciate the ocean. The quietness and serenity of one’s mind when floating underneath the sea. It’s not there yet on the anime (the diving part) but in the manga, appreciating what’s underneath the ocean and seeing the characters experience it made me all curious and appreciative on diving.

Combustible water?…. err check!

What do you think of Grand Blue? Will this show peak your interest? Have you already read the manga and would like to share some thoughts on what you expect the anime will become? Leave some comments below.


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3 thoughts on “Anime Review: ‘Grand Blue’ Is a Comedy; Not a Mobile RPG Game Leave a comment

  1. I watched the anime and I’m reading the Manga. And… I really enjoy both of them.

    Is funny and is all about friendship, good memories comes to one’s mind with this anime. I really enjoyed it. And hope to have a 2nd season.

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