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Who is Zero Two?


The waifu of Studio Trigger and A-1 Pictures

Zero Two is one of the main characters in the anime ‘Darling in the FranXX’ a collaborative anime project made by Studio Trigger and A-1 Pictures. At the time DarliFra was shown,  Zero Two sparked a dangerous outrage from anime fans around the world, blackmailing the author because of the recent plot developments the show was currently having.

What is Zero Two’s history?

Zero Two is the clone of the Klaxo Sapien princess. Well to be precise, she’s one of the human-klaxo hybrid species Dr. Franxx made. She was known as the 9’s ‘Iota’ A ruthless and uncaring partner who always kills her stamen by working them excessively after some runs on the ‘Strelizia’ her Franxx.


When she was young, she endured a lot of experiments performed by Dr. Franxx, as much as everyone’s concerned, this has no malice in it, but to Dr. Franxx, this was needed for the development of humans to push forward in the war against humanity’s greatest enemies.


At some point in her life, she saw Hiro whom Zero Two figured she would use, to be her longtime partner in finding her “true” darling, her childhood friend, her savior. In the end, it turns out that her “real” darling was Hiro all along, this caused her to question again who she is – a monster.

Zero Two longed to be human, and in the end, she achieved what she wanted, she was more human than any human was. After finding out that Hiro was indeed her one and only darling, and experiencing life together with the children of plantation 13.


She was finally able to grasp the humane aspect of life, the ups and downs, the happiness and the sadness, the way it feels to be loved, the way it feels to give affection – in short, the characteristics of what we so call human life.

Zero Two died with her darling in the war against VIRM, detonating a bomb which destroyed the assailant’s home planet, this costs them their lives. In the end, this gave humanity hope.

Humanity has since then reproduced again naturally, making everything seem worth to live for, removing all the technological advances that made everyone immortal which cost them the humane aspect of life, bringing back all the morals, all the hardships, and the beauty of feeling emotions.


The series ended with Zero Two and Hiro being reborn in the new world, but the enemy they faced has shown that they never truly die. Will this mean a sequel for Darling in the FranXX? No one will know for now.

Different Appearances of Zero Two


When Zero Two was young she looked like a monster – a cute monster. Some people of the anime community hilariously pledged to protect the cute and still innocent waifu.


Zero Two grew up, now indistinguishably like a human, a complete hottie at that too! Except for the fact that she has horns, but as we all guessed, this did not stop the complete virg… anime fans from loving her so much, this may have even caused fans to be more intoxicated with her.


Zero Two goodies!

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Zero Two 1/7 Figurine1/7 Figure Zero Two

This is a super-detailed 1/7th scale figure of Zero Two from the epic anime by Trigger, Darling in the Franxx. She comes in her iconic red pilot suit while seductively posing for us. Highly recommended for fans of sexy anime girls and Darling in the Franxx. By Kotobukiya.

This is a pre-order scheduled for release in November 2018.

Height: 16.5cm (6.5in)


ZeroTwoNendroidZero Two Nendroid

Yet another gorgeous Nendoroid figure, this time of Zero Two from the popular mecha anime DARLING in the FRANXX . Zero Two is presented in her uniform and she comes with three expressions, bacon, jacket, hat, extra hands, and more. A great addition to your DARLING in the FRANXX collection by Good Smile Company.


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