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Hey Phi Where Have You Been?

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Kept you waiting huh? I’ve had nothing to write these past few days since I hate recapping episodes and it is still not the start of Fall season. Yeah, I could write news since those gain a lot of views usually, but I’m just not feeling it – the researching online bit.

But that doesn’t mean I’m doing nothing.

The Game

Since I also know how to program, I’ve been making a game (solo) for quite some time now (*cough 3 days) yeah yeah that’s kinda short. Well, it’s still a rough sketch for now but simply it’s an RPG Tycoon-ish Board Game (Built on Unity) that has a simple medieval theme.

How rough you ask? Well here’s a picture of it.


A preview of a game
Blurred for NDA purposes


It’s not really themed to be anime so I don’t know how this thing will fit in the website. But, I’m exploring some options to make the UI portraits maybe anime, If I could get someone to draw some portraits for a percentage of the profit. Interested? Contact me on theanimeathena(@)

The Features

Next are the features. The management aspect of the game could be compared to Monopoly since you buy plots of land to tax other players, but with added shop systems like in RPG games which will enable you to acquire items and gain points as you attack the boss in the middle.

100% Orange Juice Cover

If you have played 100% Orange Juice’s co-op gameplay it will be similar to that but with added depth – there will also be a PVP *ehem “ESPORTS READY”

Stuff that’s done:
– Create player pieces that move with a dice roll and a turn-based system that handles 4 players
– Settle on a theme for the game

Up next:
– Make the player piece slide across the board instead of teleporting it per tile until the total roll of the dice
– Make a document that clearly states the fun features of the game for PR purposes

I won’t be updating until more stuff comes. I’ll still be writing anime stuff once October arrives (very excited for the lineup btw) or unless the r/anime Reddit spontaneously combusts for some reason.

I know there isn’t much yet to show at this point but, if you would like to add ideas to the game or would like to kickstart the project, I would very much appreciate hearing your thoughts.


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Freelance writer and game developer writing for Anime Athena

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