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Anime Review: ‘Goblin Slayer’ Gruesome but Worthy

The cover post of Goblin Slayer

The cover of Goblin Slayer

  • Episodes: 12
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy
  • Broadcasts: Saturdays (Fall 2018)
  • Started: October 7, 2018

I have been anticipating Goblin Slayer for a while, and it’s because I’m a big fan of its manga. I’ll be telling in advance that this anime is great! Though, I do feel something lacks in its adaptation.

Goblin Slayer in its manga had additional minuscule details which better explains our main hero’s actions. Thus in the manga, he feels a little bit more experienced and badass, rather than just a goblin serial killer.


A manga screenshot of Goblin Slayer
In the anime nothing was said about the trap, he just laid it there


The main great reason why this series is great

The main reason for why this series is great is the studio. White Fox is also the one who made the ‘Akame ga Kill!’ series. They both have some similarities in terms of gore and action.

It’s not that gruesome, unlike some horror anime like ‘Corpse Party’ but yet they capture the despair certain scenes need.


A dying girl in Goblin Slayer
Is the anime more brutal than the manga?


If you’re a psycho who expects this series to be a death and goblin rape extravaganza, you’ll be somewhat disappointed, you sick son of a. Sure, we learn that goblins procreate via inseminating human women, but those scenes are already cut out once the characters have been established – like Akame ga Kill!

This scenes though are important even if it’s just one episode. Just like another blogger said “I think showing the seriousness of the world in which they live is important. The story just isn’t as engaging if we’re not worried about our characters actually getting hurt or dying.” –WeeaBroDerek link to his article.

Future of the series

In the middle part of the series, we’ll expect some funny scenes mainly about Orcbolg (Goblin Slayer) being too obsessed with goblins and him having some awkward social conversations about using one-liners and such.

Picture of Onna with Orcbolg

Not an alternative to Attack on Titan

This is not an alternative to Attack on Titan. The series will go on without any heart-wrenching scenes (Only episode 1 will have that sadly) but don’t get fooled on how awesome this series will be, there will also be times where our main characters will be tested and on the brink of death.

Have you read Goblin Slayer? What do you think of the first episode? Does it stand up to your expectations compared to its light novel or manga?


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