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10 Sure Ways That Will Make You Watch Anime Again


Was there a time that every time you wake up in the morning and the first thing you do is get your daily fix of anime? And then someday you suddenly realized that you stopped watching anime altogether, but the time you realized the strange phenomenon, it was too late.

Now that you’re searching online or stumbled upon this article thinking that “I want to watch anime again, but I don’t know what to do” well, we’re kind of similar by the time I was writing this article. But, like me, you’re also thinking that anime is a hobby that is too delightful to give up.

So I’ve searched online, asked my friends, lurked all forums, and discussed with many people who had a similar problem about our little situation, and I’ve compiled some ways that people are saying that I do to make me enjoy anime again.

Here are what I think is best for the top 10 ways that will make you watch anime – again.

10) Watching Anime That Has Feels

Your burning passion for anime is dead, why bother. Well, I think that’s a perfect situation in order to kick-start your anime obsession back. They say that if you multiply a negative with a negative it’s going to be a positive right? Well, Technically it’s a fact, not an opinion.


Ok, it is time to watch anime that kills you slowly inside. Japanese shows or literature are plagued with existential woes. Whether you’re a high school student whose life is going nowhere, an idol who gives into prostitution in order to rise in her career, or a college student who does not know where he is in society. You get my point.

Watching anime with feels might make you appreciate how deep anime is, a lot of people still stand that watching anime makes you a manchild or a womanchild – is there such a thing? Go out there, find what’s lost, and try to bring along a tissue while you’re at it.

9) Read The Source Content of Your Shows

Anime is not just a show you know, most of the anime out there are the post content of light novels or manga. If it’s time-consuming to set-up your anime bat cave or you’re too shy to watch anime in public then open up your mobile phone and read some manga or light novel.

There are loads of sources out there to get these content. Sources like Crunchyroll, ComicWalker, MangaBox, and many more. I actually have not stopped reading manga when I stopped watching anime. The only downside from reading manga is knowing what will happen in advance once the anime is slated for the season.

Hunter x Hunter manga
Hunter x Hunter

There is also a downtime for in between updates for the manga series, some update only every month or every year, compared to the usual weekly anime you always love. For the LN’s well, let’s not talk about how long Light Novels update.

I have some manga recommendations on the website so help yourself out if you don’t know where to start.

8) Try and Watch other Genres of Anime

I’m sure you have tried this, but here’s a reminder if you haven’t done so already. Watching too much of the same genre will absolutely burn you out. Even the nerdiest of otakus generally succumb to this.

Yuri is love, Yuri is life

Today is a good time to try something new, it’s like you’ve become a newborn again, nothing to lose, everything to gain. It is time to risk it all watch some yuri, watch yaoi. For all I care, it is time to spice it up.

7) Me Trying to Virtually Slap You Back Into Anime

Have I not reminded you of the religion Moe or the cult of Absolute Territory? Anime needs your help, and the only thing you need to do is input your 16-digit credit card number including the 3 security numbers at the back. This is a joke, please don’t ban me like VoiceOverPete.

r/anime header
r/anime Reddit

In all seriousness though, don’t forget, We are a community. Maybe you’ve lost people to talk to. Or your significant other doesn’t like anime. I’m not saying they should, but they should respect your hobbies.

Some people started anime because of their friends. I started mine in university when a lot of my friends talk about anime 24/7. But yes, they slowly lost interest being childish and also using meme culture for referencing anime, but there comes a time that we all mature. Let’s not forget, anime is not just for kids.

6) Taking a Break

You have tried everything and nothing seems work. The last stage of denial is accepting the fact that it’s already there. Nothing seemed to work and now you are doing your meh face looking at anime. Passion burns out, and I get that.

Time to take a break, stop maybe a year or so. Maybe try to eradicate all stuff in your computer about anime. At moments that we totally lose something, it’s at those moments that we will start to miss them. Maybe anime was your love, anime was your life. It’ll all come back to you once you feel like it.

5) Revisit your Favorite Shows

What got you into anime? What series can’t you live without? It’s time to look back into the past and re-watch those series. A majority of those series tend to be the most iconic of all anime. Series like Death Note, Dragon Ball, Naruto, Sailor Moon, and many more. If you haven’t watched other iconic anime then I suggest you watch them.

Death Note
Death Note

The golden age of anime is a spectacle to behold, high budget and high quality tiered shows are absolutely good back then. It’s a shame that the industry today tend to lean more on profit, rather than quality. But hey, you need bread on the table right?

If Japan learns to properly export anime and made streaming services available throughout all regions, then I believe that more high quality anime will be on the way. But for the meantime, since the industry is dwindling and everything looks dire, we’ll just have to wait and see and try our best to support the niche anime community.

4) Trying Other Japanese Media

Good Morning Call
Good Morning Call

There’s a plethora of Japanese Netflix shows out there that are good. Naming one is “Good Morning Call” which originated as a manga by Yue Takasuka. Most live-action Japanese movies are from anime and they don’t deviate much from the story.

Another good one was “Rurouni Kenshin” also known as Samurai X, it’s one of the most iconic anime in the world, so I doubt you wouldn’t know what Samurai X is.

Other forms of Japanese media will, unfortunately, help you become addicted again to anime. Since almost all are interconnected with each other. Anime is not cartoons, it’s just another media for the Japanese, it just so happens that you draw it and people seem to associate animated drawing with children.

3) Prioritizing Mainstream vs Underrated

Do you like watching mainstream anime? Or are you more fond of the underrated type of anime where the story is more important than high budget goodies?

Sword Art Online

Maybe your friends introduced you to anime and all your friends seem to be elite otakus who diss on mainstream anime. Or it’s time to level up, try watching those weird long-ass Japanese titled anime.

Go right now to MAL or AniChart and find an anime you think you’ll like. I can’t help in suggesting a site that will cater that anime since a majority of underrated stuff is unsupported by legal streaming sites, but I think it’s really worth it to spend some time looking for those underrated anime shows since a plethora of them are definitely enjoyable.

2) Avoid Criticizing Anime

Ok, this one got me. I run this website by the way. If you haven’t noticed you’re reading on an anime blog site. So, I tried writing so much stuff and I’m really inconsistent with my posts – sorry guys. But I just don’t feel like being overly critical on watching an anime.

Since I needed to write a review for it, I needed to squeeze in those reaction juices out my body every time I watch anime. But I realized that making a review for the anime I liked for the season is more bearable than finding words for an anime that didn’t interest me whatsoever.

Maybe you’re also like me who enjoys viewing anime as a curator, but you should just chill out. When watching anime, grab a drink, grab some snacks, then damn you’ll feel euphoric for not being so critical. Ironically though, the more I do that, the more I’m likely to write an article or two for the month.

1) Accepting Some Facts

This tip is not something that will help you out in wanting anime again. But the average lifespan of a hobby is 2 years~ or so. It’s because the more we grow up, the less likely we’ll have time wasting our lives being idle in front of a computer or a TV screen.

Mikakunin de Shinkoukei
Mikakunin de Shinkoukei

Maybe you’re at that age, somewhere around late 20’s. Average anime viewers are around 18-20ish so you can’t expect much if you’re already over that phase. That doesn’t seem to be the case for Japanese though.

There’s also thinking that it’s a waste of time. Since Japan has other uses for anime – ridiculous, I know right? Museums, Cosplay, Akihabara, Art, Figures, Businesses in general. Japanese people can turn anime into a form of hobby that will support themselves.

Akihabara Town
Akihabara – Taken from Gaijinpot

If you’re a westerner or I guess someone who is not from Japan, then investing time into anime is kind of pointless. It’s not expensive though like cars or flying hobby rockets, but I guess people nowadays (Millennials) are more fond of hobbies that tend to payback. “Hello there guys and welcome to my YouTube channel” sounds familiar?

Well, that does not have to be the case. You could start your own blog or join mine. Maybe contribute to the community, cause you know, socializing is kind of needed to be sane. SO, technically it’s not a total waste of time, just be sure to watch your social being and avoid being too engrossed in anime – don’t become degenerate.

So those are the 10 ways that will make you come back to anime. If you have more to add please comment so, and as usual, I reply to all comments even though how old an article is. Unless your comment is something that does not seem to be replyable – I will like those in response.

The website is not dead by the way. It’s just that I had nothing to post these past few months. I also have a habit of not participating in impromptu groups you make online, I’m more used to IRL rather than virtual communities so, sorry. If you direct message me on my Twitter I’ll be more than glad to join in whatever it is you’ll be doing – collabs and such.


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