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Manga Book Club: “Kanojo wa Sore wo Gaman Dekinai” A Great Start for This Series is Some Degeneracy

kanojo wa sore wo gaman dekinai coverpost

This book club series is where people who like to read manga collaborate and make a short insight or essay about the week’s featured manga.

The featured manga will totally be random. A member (or you) will suggest a manga every other week, other members would then post his/her insight.

The essays will be posted every other week on Thursdays (JST) and collaborators would need to limit their writing to about 300 words or less. (Subject to change)

This week’s manga is about Kanojo wa Sore wo Gaman Dekinai (MAL). A short series that has 13 chapters.

The genre of this manga is Ecchi, Psychological, and Seinen.

I don’t know why we started this series right off the bat with a heavy toned story.

It was recommended by Shirowolf in our chat, and the whole group thought it was absurd, so we never intended to read or write on it.

But… then again, the sheer fact that it looked so edgy that we all started wondering, “what do the others think of it?”

yeah, nah, who are we kidding? We’re just in it because of the manga cover and the PLOT. (lol)

kanojo wa sore wo gaman dekinai
Kanojo wa Sore wo Gaman Dekinai

Kusahana Ryouta is a normal highschool boy, except that he always wears a full body dog suit and never take it off.

Things were just like always until he accidentally dropped the bag of the girl he likes and her sports pants comes out and just when he picked it up he wondered how they smelled, the new homeroom Teacher Kizawa ayame AKA Ayane-Chan catches him in the act. Pleading that he will do anything if she don’t tells anyone about this, she agrees but asks him “In exchange will you let me sniffle your body?”.



It’s a manga featuring degenerates. The characters on their own are interesting enough that the readers will continue on reading.

It has strange fetishes but a little lackluster if you’ve watched enough anime. Though, you will still be labeled as a pervert for reading such obscene material in public.

Since the series is short, you might have started already, if that’s the case, then you should finish it.

The ending was quite surprising for a series like this, but not in a good way for its genre – in fact, it was too wholesome for me.



Right off the bat, it reeks of eccentricity from the characters, I mean an MC that wears a dog costume to school ain’t normal right?

Which made me expect that the further the plot develops, the deeper I’ll dive into weirdness. I’m not totally wrong, but it didn’t go to the track that I’d expect it to be.

I had my fair share of weird mangas but this one probably is on a lighter tone than the others. But don’t get me wrong, it is still in that category.

A rather short series itself and I find the ending to be not much impactful.



My initial impressions on the manga that’s about a guy wearing a full body dog costume are – somewhat mixed.

These kinds of manga where it presents the “Hook” in its synopsis will tend to have a good set of the first impression, and it’s mainly because people will get what they came for, the “Hook”.

“Guy in high school wearing a full body dog costume”.

Why do people get hooked with these kinds of manga?

It cannot be avoided getting curious about these kinds of manga. After getting baited into reading it, you just can’t stop. Your curiosity has peaked and now you have to figure out what kind of psychological story the author has written.

In some cases though, these kind of manga are shallow, and somewhat gives its readers a “reader’s fatigue” it’s like all chapters would look the same.

Kanojo wa Sore wo Gaman Dekinai avoided that.

The pacing of story was good. It resolved most things that were being developed in its plot.

There is no foreshadowing bullshit that spans 200+ chapters, which commonly ends in a dumpster fire. This manga did the story its justice in just 13 chapters.

I wouldn’t say it’s a bad manga, but it had a huge problem in the character development department.

While the story is developed greatly, I don’t feel any attraction to any of its characters. In fact, by the time I was writing this review, I had already forgotten their names.

The art will always be subjective, but for the genre of “ecchi” and “kinky” manga, this fell short for me.

To close this, while people generally care about scores and ratings, I wouldn’t rate this that high or that low. I somewhat enjoyed Kanojo wa Sore wo Gaman Dekinai being the short read it is.



At first look, Kanojo wa Sore wo Gaman Dekinai seemed to be an edgy and perverted manga. But in the end, we all concluded that it is on the lighter tone of its genre.

So it all depends on your taste. Even though this manga is lacking in character development, since it was short, most of us thought that it was worth the read.



We would like to hear your thoughts! Feel free to comment down below on what you think of this manga.


7 billion needles cover
7 Billion Needles


Next week will be about 7 Billion Needles by Nobuaki Tadano. We will be posting again on January 31.

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