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What is Trigger Known For? PLUS New ‘Promare’ Key Visuals

promare cover post

I’m very excited about the premiere of Promare. Yes, I’m a big Trigger fan, and yes, I’ve been saying that for about over 9000 times already.

promare key visual 2
Promare Key Visual 2

You can’t blame me for being this excited since a lot of their recent anime were huge flops, but you know what? Bygones be bygones.

I hope everyone agrees that Trigger is one of the most iconic and rememberable anime studio of all time.

Their style of absurdity and lively characters will never be forgotten once you get to watch them.

Anime just isn’t anime without shows from Trigger.

In fact, it’s become a joke lately figuring out which studio made Promare.

Promare PV Comments

Don’t worry! I’ll help you out. I did research on which studio made this anime.

What They’re Known For.

To know that, let’s take a step back and look at their past works.

The first work of Studio Trigger is Kill la Kill, its success made trigger’s style known throughout the world! But if you didn’t know, they actually did not start there.

Majority of Trigger’s employees were from Gainax. The creators of Neon Genesis Evangelion, FLCL, and Gurren Lagann. But circumstances the hindered the creative freedom of artists from Gainax meant some employees to split with the company.

And because of that, well for me, to compare both studios are uncanny and may be confused with one another. Basically, it was made by the same people.

Trigger then tried to change that *slightly* by doing Kiznaiver which ended up to be a disaster. But once they made other shows like Inferno Cop, SSSS.Gridman, and Little Witch Academia they sprang back to being what they’re known for.

They then made a collaboration with A1-Pictures to produce Darling in the FranXX, which combined both styles from both studios. But the chemistry blew up and the resulting anime was a big disappointment.

It seems like the formula that will work for Trigger will always be from the success of the style from their Gainax days.

Thus, their new anime, Promare.

It looks like an homage to most of their works.

Looking at the trailers I can determine that there are two colliding parties of good and wrongdoers.

There are also loads of battle effects like flames and shining crosses.

Characters screaming off their lungs battle cries accompanied with epic music, and those expressions. Kamina!?!

So again comes the following question. Who made Promare? I’ll tell you the answer after watching this promotional video.

So by determining the strokes, the color pallete, and the smell of the paper on which the poster of Promare was printed… I therefore conclude it was made by Disney.

Let’s just hope no weak endings this time or any clickbait dino waifus.



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As it turns out, we were all wrong. It was Dio who made Promare…


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  1. I love studio TRIGGER, so I’m excited for this! Thanks for sharing it, I knew nothing about it. 😮 I remember watching Kill La Kill and loving how different it was from everything else that I had ever seen.

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