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2018’s Best Waifu?

Kaede Dead Eyes

It’s almost the end of January so we have to crown last year’s queen right? Well, largest non-Japanese subreddit group r/anime, has finally crowned this year’s best waifu.

It’s not even a contest. The top 1 waifu is who you think it is. The top 02 is there just for the memes, maybe… – and the rest? Well, they’re all pretty good.

It was a close contest (not really). The finalists, in my opinion, will give you a headache. It’s very difficult to choose one waifu from the other.

But, as we all know, there can only be one winner. So without further ado here’s the top waifus.

Sakurajima Mai

Cover photo of Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl-senpai no Yume wo Minai

Duh? How can she lose? Only uncultured swine won’t vote for her.

Okay, yeah I have shit taste and I voted for her. I mean, look at this merch! I bought it from Akiba the other day.

Mai Acrylic

Zero Two


Get it? 02 cause she’s in 2nd place.

I used to like her. Darling in the FranXX was awesome at the start but the ending was such a huge buzzkill.

Saki Nikaidou


Zombie Land Saga is Fall 2018’s best sleeper anime. It looked mediocre on its initial marketing but once the show was broadcasted, everyone loved it!

Violet Evergarden

Violet Evergarden

A very likable character, no doubt. The quality she’s drawn on, the top rated kuudere type. She’s like the perfect ideal girl. A quiet, beautiful, Aryan girl – pledge to protect.

Kaede Azusagawa


Imoutos are always welcome in every otaku’s heart. Too bad her persona di… oops. I mean imoutos are cool.

Tomoe Koga


She was introduced being kicked in the butt. Here she is, kicking other waifu’s butts.

Rikka Takarada

Look me up on Google. You won’t regret it.

3 words…. Thicc AF.

A lot are going to disagree with the top list so I guess a salt splash will be up soon. It’s something usually done to avoid recency among fans.

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