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10 Epic Reasons Why ‘Dororo’ Is an Awesome Anime

Cover Post Dororo

This anime is a classical masterpiece fit to be watched in today’s modern era. Dororo will constantly put you on the edge of your seat with all the action and drama. It was such a surprise to see a remake of a half-century-old anime become so popular and relevant this season.

This show is a big contender for anime of the season, so you should definitely watch it. Who knew that an old anime could be turned into a beautiful priceless gem. Let’s take a glimpse at why this shounen anime deserves that award.

1) The Quality of Animation

Hyakkimaru Face

Personally, I like the animation of shounen shows. It is a perfect blend between story and action, the animation is extraordinary when transitioning from talking to big fight scenes.

Dororo has a seamless experience that you’ll really appreciate. Modern shows typically use CGI for battles, but this anime stuck with just 2D animation. There may be a lot of “limited animation” during the talking scenes but the action scene nonetheless is spectacular.

2) Blood and Gore

Dororo Blood and Gore

It is a gritty show. The amount of blood and gore really compliments the feel and aesthetics of this anime; though, remember, this show is for young boys. It has the perfect amount of violence without making it feel too dark.

Dororo captures the action and the hell that our main characters experience, fighting the demons in order to lift the curse that Hyakkimaru was given to by the actions of his father. The curse was the result of a deal between his father and forty-eight sealed demons. It was in order to gain power and wealth for his own deeds.

3) Made by the God of Manga Himself


Dororo was made in the late 1960’s it was a time where many manga writers are on their prime. This show is one of the many masterpieces that the famous Tezuka, Osamu, “The God of Manga” made.

I had a lot of expectations for Dororo, but as usual, since this was made by MAPPA and Tezuka Productions the resulting anime of their work still blew me even with the high expectation.

4) A Great Traditional Japanese Tale


In a sense, the show has a storyline that is of the typical Japanese tales or epics. If you’re into that stuff then you’ll pretty much enjoy everything in Dororo. The show is set in the feudal age of Japan, the demons are of Japanese folklores, even the underwear shown are fundoshi.

There are no inconsistencies between the past and the present. Basically, the theme is purely on the age of Feudal Japan, the battle for political power and the rise of a hero is the main selling point of the anime.

5) A Good Reminiscence of the Past


You just can’t stop thinking of the early 2000’s anime. Remember going home after school, you open up the TV then switch to Toonami, watching Zoids, Naruto, and many more. It’s very fun to experience a good nostalgic feeling.

There is also no ecchi or fanservice whatsoever. Just like the good ol’ days where you can recommend anime to your friends without getting judged for all the lewd content you’re watching. You don’t have to use the “For the PLOT” excuse for this one.

6) The Storyline

Hyakkimaru Baby

You’ll feel a fresh storyline. A hero slowly resolving his problem by killing all the enemy he faces. This is kind of a rare trope nowadays, I know it’s a common thing back then but this caught me by surprise.

I was feeling burned out on all the moe and the waifus being thrown left and right. It’s great that there’s finally a show where it is just action and story. You’ll not get the “moe blob” on this one.

7) Describes Anime Very Well


You’ll get the feeling that you’re watching anime for the first time again. It might have been because of the art style going back to its anime roots. It’s a nice recommendation for people who’d like to make someone watch anime. The story is simple, the characters too, but the theme as a whole has depth.

It’s not a plot where you’ll say it’s stupid. Even though I say that the characters are simple, there is a complexity in the development and relationship of our characters. Everything is shrouded at the start, but the story slowly builds up in getting to know the different actors of Dororo.

8) Samurai!


I’m a big fan of the Edo period, imagine having governors, presidents, prime ministers that know how to wield and fight with swords! The setting of the Dororo will not just be slaying demons, but also fighting other political figures, literally.

9) Action Blockbuster

Dororo Fight

Right off the bat (well after the dramatic prologue) we see our main protagonist go slay a demon. He skillfully weaved and dodged the adversary while slicing away the columns that support the bridge, making the bridge collapse and instantly kill the demon.

Every episode has a unique grand action scene where our main characters fight the demon. Most fights are perfectly paced, they’re not too short nor too long. This wouldn’t be like Dragon Ball where there are too many episodes per fight.

10) A True Shounen Experience

Fans of the shounen genre must absolutely watch Dororo. Everything from the action, the storyline, and the main theme is a good reminiscence of pure shounen experience. It’s great that they had the courage to rely on the original version of Dororo without changing it to fit with the current popular tropes that the community usually wants.

Thanks for reading the article, and have you been watching Dororo lately? What were the stuff that you liked? Let us know in the comments section down below. Please like us on Facebook, follow us on WordPress, or follow us through Twitter – we would really appreciate the gesture if you do so.







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  1. Interesting write up on the Dororo remake. I do plan on checking it out whenever I have some time. It would also be great to check out the original 60s show and the live-action remake. It’s good that some anime fans are checking out the works of Osamu Tezuka a bit once this anime came out.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I was so excited when I heard that Tezuka Productions will remake one of Tezuka’s works, and it was successful too! I really hope that this will open up a possibility of an Astro Boy remake.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Sure thing. Weren’t they going to remake Astro Boy into another anime or possibly get a live-action movie? I know there was Atom: The Beginning, but that’s different. What other Tezuka series have you seen?

        Liked by 1 person

      • Gotcha. I was just curious. Like you, I’ve seen Astro Boy and Black Jack. I got into watching Kimba the White Lion a few years ago which was certainly interesting. Yes, one of the big reasons why I watched it was because of THAT controversy.

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