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Athena Spring Cleaning: Organizing the Site and Adding a Schedule


Edit: Added Sarazanmai as the community’s choice this season.

Anime Athena has been quite a mess since the site went live late 2017. I never knew how to post anime content nor organize a blog. The only thing that was solid when I first started blogging was one thing – I like to watch anime.

I really wanted to have a productive hobby – playing video games during my spare time was starting to get uneventful and boring – who knew that getting top 10 Challenger in League of Legends and trying to get into e-sports was such a long shot.

Getting to Challenger was easy, playing good with other people on a competitive scale was the hard part. That, added with the fact that my wrist was hurting a lot after some sessions was a good sign to quit playing so hard.

I still play, just not to the point where I spend the whole day playing, and also, I quit playing MOBA’s. I don’t want to have carpal tunnel.

Gaming Systems

We’re starting to get off topic here so let’s go back.

Organizing in 2019 is a huge trend. Marie Kondo had a show, and everybody just went batshit crazy over cleaning everything.

It’s been so long since I wanted to clean and re-organize the site, but procrastination has been my dear friend.

In the almost 2 years of me being in WordPress and trying out to become one of those ani-bloggers, I learned lots of stuff.

Firstly, looking for unique content is a monumental task. It’s a thing where you had to live with the fact that you had to open up your browser every day, and immediately open all those community websites out there and spend the whole day rummaging through content.


I am not a journalist nor a person who’d make drama just because my waifu became shit. Nope, I just like watching anime.

SO then I realized, just lately, that I avoid focusing on producing unique content. But preferably, learn to write better and learn how to organize.

It’s not something big or life-changing, I just want to say what anime is horrible and what is not, as clear and concise as possible.

So there will be a significant overhaul on the links at the top of the webpage. I’ll maybe post a follow-up blog once I’m happy with the new changes on the site map.

I’ll also be removing a lot of blog posts, I have recently been getting a lot of backlash on the low-quality trash that I wrote back then.

The grammar was horrible, and the titles don’t fit their content. It was clearly not up to par with the way of blogging. They lessen the value of the reader after they read through it.

Last but not least, schedule. I know I said that I won’t be making a per-episode review of an anime, but I’m taking that back. I learned that a single episode of an anime is good enough content to write on, I just sucked back then that I failed to realize it.

Anime Athena Scheduling


I’ll pick two anime series that I like, and I won’t abandon them no matter how bad they get.

I’ll also pick two other ones that I might drop depending on the state of the series. If the anime becomes too unpopular or boring, I’ll drop.

Lastly, a currently airing anime that someone recommends to me. I’m not famous enough to conduct a poll successfully, so I’d ask someone IRL, or if you’re reading this, you could comment a series down below.

The schedule: (Anytime – earliest within the week or a week after the anime was aired. Subscribe to the newsletter and you’ll exclusively be the first one to know)


  • One Punch Man
  • Fruits Basket


  • Carole & Tuesday
  • Hachigatsu no Cinderella Nine


  • Sarazanmai

It is time to clean up the mess that this site has been. I really appreciate all the feedback and support that I’m getting, and please do look forward to the fun stuff that I’ll be posting for you guys in the future.

And that’s it. Thanks for the read! If you like what I’m doing, please follow the website on Twitter, subscribe to the newsletter, or like it on Facebook. Comment down below on what you think of the changes happening in Anime Athena.






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