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‘One Punch Man’ Season 2 Is Quite A Disappointment – Episode 1 Review

OPM Cover

If you were stoked that the second season of One Punch Man is now available, then you might just be in for a disappointment.

The series of One Punch Man has been transferred to JC Staff from the previous studio Madhouse, at that moment, everyone had the same feeling that the series will be in for an inevitable downgrade.

Genos Jump

Madhouse just wasn’t ready yet and was too busy in producing other anime, so the people from One Punch Man had to compromise.

And as we all know, JC Staff’s art style doesn’t fit the One Punch Man aesthetic. Their method for animating just wasn’t memorable for the series, which, One Punch Man’s art style needs to be at – like Mob Psycho.

The art style does not match with the action quality that One Punch Man needs. And the remarkable style of JC Staff for portraying drama is clearly showing – which is a bad thing.

The story of this anime just doesn’t stand out if not overly done. If everything in your action story is just one hit, then how do you excite your audience then? Everything had to be flashy and jokes need to hit their mark, this is not just your usual shounen show.

Also, JC Staff is more popular on the slice-of-life genre which, unfortunately, One Punch Man isn’t.

King and Saitama

One Punch Man’s Season 2 felt quite awkward.

I now get vibes that Saitama is a serious bishonen hunk instead of a comedic relief of a hero, and I get the feeling that once Fubuki comes out, we’ll get to see her become the moe tsundere character in a weird way.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all bad. One Punch Man is still One Punch Man. The plot is still accurate as is, and it is the continuation of the first season where we will now see the how Saitama is connected with King and the Blizzard Group.

I just felt disappointed that the quality of the animation has gone down, and the nostalgic vibes of Season 1, gone. The overall feel of One Punch Man has changed too, and it will take some time to get used to it.

Genos felt weirdly disproportionate and the color gradient of the characters felt cheap.

Saitama doesn’t feel like a comedy character, his iconic funky head now has a different shape.

It’s amazing how the shape of the head can really change the feel of a character.


For the storyline, the initial build-ups for events are already looking good for the first episode. The diverseness of storyline will keep you on your toes, as the episode focused on not just one, but all the significant characters of season 2.

The fighting scenes though felt short, but as I said, there’s always something going on – so I guess that will distract you from focusing too much on the fights.

There were some parts that feel like it was cut, like the huge bird that fell through King’s apartment, no frames have shown Saitama blasting that birds skull to smithereens. One moment the bird was there then afterward its brain was already splattered all over the alley.

I had no problems for the pacing of the story, thankfully, there wasn’t a dull moment throughout the 24 minutes of watching, there was even an after credits at the very end where we get a glimpse of Garou.


Overall, it was still One Punch Man with a taint of disappointment. It just wasn’t perfect for a popular anime series season 2 – hence the disappointment.

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